Irrigation Maintenance


We have a variety of Maintenance Packages to fulfil your needs. We take irrigation seriously. To promote the health of your irrigation system, we recommend regular seasonal maintenance. It is vital to ensure maximum performance throughout the entire sprinkling season. With regular, seasonal maintenance, our experienced Irrigation Technicians pay close attention to: Accurately program your controller to reflect seasonal climate changes, zone run times, and frequency of water use; Uniform coverage and examine all heads to ensure working parts are fully operational and directed to further prevent unnecessary runoff; and make appropriate recommendations for improvements and upgrades.

Spring Start-up

Your residential or commercial system has been shut down during the cold winter months. When the risk of colder temperatures has passed, our experienced team will be out to get your system back up and running. We’ll also check for any repairs needed, and recommend upgrades if you’ve added to your yard or garden area, or if your landscape has grown. We ask that you sign up well in advance for the Spring Start‐Up Service in order to ensure that your system is ready before your lawn, plants, and trees.

Fall Winterization

In Canada we experience harsh winters with lots of snow and very cold freezing temperatures. Fall winterizations is crucial to protect your irrigation system. To minimize the risk of freeze damage to your irrigation system, you’ll need to “winterize” it. Our service technicians begin during October through to the first week of November. We winterize your sprinkler system by turning off the isolation valve at the main connection. The technician then blows out the water through all the piping, valves, and heads with a suitably sized air compressor (185 CFM).

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Piece of Mind Service Contract

At Bernwood Sprinkler Systems we are all about trying to make your life less stressful. As of 2024 We are rolling out the new Piece of Mind Service Contract this plan is intended for those who may be away often during the summer, doesn’t have time to perform checks of their irrigation system, are worried of possible issues or repairs that may have to be performed, and want to protect their landscape investment. This plan is available to new Irrigation installs completed in or after 2022.

What this Service Contract offers:

  • Spring Start-up/ Fall Winterization.
  • 3 Scheduled Checkups during the season.
  • Weekly Online Monitoring through the Hunter Hydrawise Application
  • 1 Year extended Warranty on all Materials and Labour for every year the Piece of Mind Package is chosen.
  • Piece of Mind Service Contract can be paid for upfront with a 5% Discount or In spring and Fall in 2 Payments.